Boulder Diagnostics

Borreliose IVD assays / Lyme Disease Diagnostic Test

Development and commercialization of spiroFind™ – an in vitro test for Borreliosis. The assay detects a specific immune reaction from a droplet of blood and enables safer and more accurate detection of a tick-based lesion in the early, as well as chronic, stage of disease. In contrast to conventional tests, results are available within one week of a tick bite. Furthermore, it can be used as a follow-up or to confirm successful treatment.


  • 2010: Developed business strategy and licensing of technology / Founded company
  • 2012: Boulder Diagnostics launched SpiroFind (Lyme Disease Diagnostic Test)
  • 2013: Conducted fundraising for commercialization
  • 2013: Boulder Diagnostics licensed novel rapid detection technology for homocysteine and related compounds from Portland State University
  • 2015: Trade sale of business to Oxford Immunotech

Founded: 2010

Locations: Melrichstradt, Germany